Alex Jones CLAIMS White House Offered Infowars Press Credentials

So, let me get this straight. You have a conspiracy theorist, who is possibly unhinged… and he wants to give ALEX JONES press credentials? That’s bordering on the insane. The White House press office is denying any such offer was made, but Alex Jones said it on the Internet.


That makes it true, right?

“He is not credentialed for the White House. The White House Press Office has not offered him credentials,” White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders told BuzzFeed on Thursday morning.

Jones on Wednesday posted a video claiming the White House offered him credentials.

“Here’s the deal, I know I get White House credentials, we’ve already been offered them, we’re going to get them, but I’ve just got to spend the money to send somebody there,” Jones says in the clip.

Now, I’ll give the Trump Administration credit: They are not nearly as crazy as the man himself comes across. I don’t think the people coming into the White House to work for President Donald Trump are going to want the likes of InfoWars in their press rooms. That’s just asking for…

…Well, actually, that would be awesome. Someone make this happen. Press briefings need more humor. And not the smug, zippy one-liners Barack Obama tossed a faithful press every now and then. We need some verifiable crazy in there. The media needs to let InfoWars get a question in.

That would be fantastic.


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