I Guess the Media Wants to Care About Troop Deaths Again

CNN’s Jim Sciutto laments the arguments over the crowd size at the inauguration of Donald Trump because it’s getting in the way of reporting the “real numbers.”


That’s really strange. For some reason, we really haven’t had daily troop death reports from the media since… oh, say January 2009.

Actually, now that I think about it, we haven’t heard much about new terror cells and where they are developing since about the same time.

It seems that since Barack Obama took office, promised a troop withdrawal, bowed to leaders in the Arab world, made sure to let everyone know Islamic extremism isn’t the enemy, and declared that ISIS was a “JV team,” the media hasn’t really cared about reporting those numbers.

Since a Republican is in charge, and more so because it’s Donald Trump in charge, now they want to care about these things again. Sorry, but that coverage can’t just disappear for eight years and you think it’s proper journalism to go ahead and pick it up immediately after a new administration comes in.

That’s selective coverage. And it’s hackery, plain and simple.


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