The DeVos Confirmation Hearing Is Today. Here Are Five Reasons the Senate Should Confirm Her.

Today at 5 p.m. ET, the Senate confirmation hearing for Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education, begins. It’s a critical moment for the new administration. This isn’t an abstract thing, her appointment will have direct impact on the lives of American families. A positive, much-needed impact we believe.


In recent weeks, DeVos has come under attack by Sheldon Whitehouse, Elizabeth Warren, Social Justice Warriors, and Teachers Unions, among others.

Betsy DeVos is the perfect choice for Secretary of Education for a host of reasons, some of which we’ve written about at length here at RedState. Today we present you with the top five.


5. The Right People Don’t Like Her

Look at the list above. It’s not even an all-inclusive list of her detractors, which is much longer. The fact of the matter is there is a lot to be said for her if her enemies list includes these people. These are folks who favor keeping things the way they are, but also spending more money on failing education systems and policies. It is clear that they do not have the best interest of the American people, or American children, in their best interests.

4. Common Core

DeVos takes a lot of criticism from the Right for her support of Common Core, and the fact that she fought hard to get it implemented in some states worries conservatives. Now while this is definitely a rather nuanced argument, the reason DeVos is the perfect person to tackle the sensitive issue is because she believes, as she has stated in the past, that the decision on whether or not to adopt the standards should be left up to the states.

This is where she parts from the Obama Administration, including former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. Duncan used federal money as a means to force states to adopt the standards as a way to get around the rules preventing the Department of Education from creating a national education program. Her beliefs prevent the federal government from forcing the standards on the states, and in return, states will be more willing to remove the standards if they so desire.


3. She’s an Outsider

I am normally very hesitant to say that being an outsider to the system automatically makes someone qualified to run that system. Usually, I’m very much of the opinion that you need some experience in order to do a job. However, what DeVos lacks in public education experience she more than makes up for in the work she’s done in promoting various reform policies. She isn’t of the system that wants to maintain the status quo. Rather, she is a reformer at heart, and wants to affect some serious change.

2. Her Policies Are Truly Bi-Partisan

The term “bi-partisan” among conservatives has become a bad word in the last eight years, as Republicans in Congress concede to give Democrats victories, and everyone calls it a bi-partisan win. Education reform and school choice, however, are true bi-partisan issues. You can’t possibly believe that Ted Cruz is someone who concedes everything to Democrats for a cheap PR victory, yet here he is sharing a stage with Sheila Jackson Lee at an event promoting school choice. What DeVos fights for, others from both parties have been fighting for for years. She is just the most capable person to get it done.

1. She’s Put Her Money Where Her Mouth Is… Literally

DeVos isn’t just some person who goes out and says things to increase her own profile. She has repeatedly used her own money to help get real reforms going in the U.S., and as a result she has done more to help people than many of those who have spoken out very adamantly against her. It’s a big deal to get someone who has actively worked to implement good school reforms to the highest education spot in America.


Donald Trump made the right call in nominating DeVos, and the Senate would do well to confirm her. The hearing is very likely going to be a clown show, with her critics trying to de-legitimize her before the public. However, she needs to be confirmed. And the Senate would be doing the United States a great disservice if they gave in to the loud voices.

Education reform is the biggest domestic issue we need to be focused on going forward, and Betsy DeVos is the right person to get that ball rolling.


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