Mopey, Wine-soaked Hillary Wallowing in Tears and Recrimination, says Friend

Look, I get it. When your entire adult life has been spent trying to achieve the ultimate power – leadership of the free world and all the incredible perks that come with it – missing out on that goal twice is painful. When you miss out on it in embarrassing, nationally-televised ways, that’s even worse. And, according to sources, Hillary Clinton is not taking it well at all. Via our sister site and good friends over at Townhall:


“She is weepy, looks ten years older and is very whiny,” said one of Hillary’s closest friends. “She has been drinking wine pretty heavily, much more than usual. She mopes around all day, swimming in a sea of recriminations and complaining that her campaign managers were ‘incompetent,’ Bill and Chelsea ‘didn’t work hard enough,’ FBI Director Comey was ‘in league with Trump.’”

While a mopey, wine-laden Hillary Clinton who looks ten years older than she did throughout the election (mother of god) is not the most appealing image one can have of her, this is why her closest advisers encouraged her to ask for the recount.

Because, clearly, her closest advisers are stellar examples of both human character and strategic judgment.

What’s even better is that Hillary is putting at least some of the blame on Bill, despite the fact that he was the only one who got the strategy right in the first place. Clinton’s campaign team, meanwhile, ignored him, and pushed ahead trying to win young, coastal voters, rather than the working-class Americans who were suffering.

That’s what makes this final paragraph so amazing.


Said a close Clinton adviser: “Bill thinks the recount is going to backfire as a strategy because there are probably no more than a handful of questionable ballots and they could actually wind up adding to Trump’s numbers and validate rather than invalidate his election.”

And, lo, that’s exactly what’s happening in Wisconsin. Obama is said to have wanted the recount to undermine Trump’s presidency. Obama is also the guy who utterly and fantastically destroyed the Democratic Party on a national level. So, please for the love of God, Democrats, don’t listen to Bill Clinton ever and always listen to Hillary, Obama, and their advisers.


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