Still Waiting for the Democrats to Apologize to Romney About That Whole Russia Thing

Ridiculing Mitt Romney four years ago, the Democrats loved to talk about how Russia wasn’t a threat to America anymore. The silly, paranoid Republicans who were trying to make the Russians a boogeyman were totally out of touch with how the modern world worked, and Mitt Romney, as their candidate, was the biggest fool of them all.

Just four short years later, and to those same Democrats Russia is such a threat they completely rigged the November presidential election.

So, here I am, waiting on the Democrats to apologize to Mitt Romney for making fun of him. I would love to see Barack Obama come out and say “I was wrong to mock him. I was wrong to make Cold War jokes during a debate. The Russian threat is a very real one.”

But, I won’t be holding my breath over this.

You know what else I want to see? I want to see Republicans hold form a select committee to investigate who let the Russians become the greatest geopolitical threat to the United States in just four years. It seems like just yesterday that Barack Obama was caught on microphone promising to play nice with Russia after his re-election. Hillary Clinton gave the Russians a nice button before that. The Democrats, and the Obama Administration in particular, told us that the Russia Threat simply wasn’t.

What happened? Who dropped the ball? Let’s form a committee – hell, let’s get Trey Gowdy back in there – and let’s get to the bottom of this. Bring in everyone who is currently in John Kerry’s State Department. Including John Kerry. We need answers, damnit, and we need them now.

What kills me is that many Republicans are dismissive of Russia being a threat now because questioning their involvement in the election questions Donald Trump’s victory. And, apparently, we can’t have that going on. Ruins the morale, you see.

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