Loyola Professor Calls for Armed Police Officers to Remove Armed Police Officer from Classroom

The special snowflakes of Loyola University were apparently uncomfortable with one of their classmates, who came to class in his work uniform – a police officer’s uniform, that is. Complete with sidearm. As you can guess, they wanted him gone.


The police informed the professor that the officer was well within his rights, and they never came to the classroom. Because it would have been dumb to. Via Scott McKay over at The Hayride:

Here’s a hint for Loyola’s snowflakes, if you’re triggered over the sight of an armed policeman, maybe you shouldn’t support a larger role for government. Who do you think enforces all the taxes and regulations you want to impose?

And a little more on the professor who decided to call the police officers to come into his classroom to remove a police officer from his classroom:

According to search on Loyola University’s website, the only professor that is listed as teaching the “Law and Morality” class is Assistant Professor of Philosophy Jonathan Peterson. According to his bio, his current research is on “political authority, social justice, criminal law, and punishment.” Before this, Peterson lectured at the University of Toronto at Mississauga.

I feel like the “social justice” in that bio should have been blinking in some neon light, because there is your explanation for something so idiotic as this. Higher education is filled with these special little snowflakes, and they are ruining institutions with crap like this.


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