Donald Trump's Most Important Appointment

Last night at roughly 9:30 p.m., CNN put up a story titled “Trump now considering more than four for secretary of state, Conway says.” The article confirms what we’ve long suspected: we are nowhere close to finding out who the Secretary of State is going to be. There are several names on the list as of now, with the key ones being:

  1. Mitt Romney
  2. John Bolton
  3. Rudy Giuliani
  4. (Former) Gen. David Patreus
  5. Bob Corker

We’ve also been hearing that Jon Huntsman, of all people, is now on the list of candidates, as well, bringing the list (so far) to six.

Donald Trump’s cabinet picks have, for the most part, been pretty good so far. There’s not a whole lot to complain about, and it signals that perhaps Mike Pence has a stronger voice than pretty much everyone else at the table advising Trump. However, just as important as who has the most pull is how long they deliberate and come to a decision on who to name for the job of Secretary of State.

Right now, there is no job that is more important in Trump’s administration than Secretary of State. The global crisis we see in the growth of Islamic radicalism, and their willingness to export their terror to all Western countries, calls for a resurgent American foreign policy – the type of policy that focuses on bringing America back to the forefront of global politics. Barack Obama’s management style has been to allow for America to take a backseat, allowing for other nations to take the reigns and direct events. It has been a foreign policy that has led to destabilization worldwide and has allowed powers who are hostile to the U.S. to assume greater presence on the global stage.


Therefore, it is nothing but good news that Trump is still weighing his options. The options themselves are a hodgepodge of big political names that, while impressive, have some who simply seem like they don’t have the resumes for the job.

Bob Corker, for example, is the worst option on the list. We’re talking about the Republican Senator who thought the Iran Deal was good enough to allow to happen. Sure, he paid lip service against it, but it was his shenanigans that allowed the Deal to happen in the first place. Romney, too, seems like a great pick if you want someone for Commerce or the Treasury, but those spots are filled. His job history does not offer the experience to deal with an America in the position it’s in. And Rudy Giuliani, frankly, is a Trump sycophant who has the neoconservative chops, but not the experience needed to hit the ground running.

That leaves Patreus, Huntsman, and Bolton. Patreus’s conviction is reason enough to dismiss him. If Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server was enough to disqualify her, then whispering confidential secrets to a mistress is, as well. Huntsman has foreign policy experience as Obama’s ambassador to China, which is one of the two greatest global powers hostile to the U.S.. Bolton, who I’ve endorsed for the job before, was also endorsed by Mark Levin on his radio show Thursday evening.


However, with the exception of Corker, any of the men would be a better pick than what Obama put forward as president. For that matter, a three-toed sloth could also do a more effective job than the last two to have it. But, obviously, Trump himself is the wild card here. Is his decision going to be based on his own desires, or will it be based on valuable input from his team?

It is the most important job Trump will make a selection for, so the deliberation process is a good thing.


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