If Only The Left Cared About Free Speech When They Were In Charge

The Left is losing their minds over a tweet Donald Trump sent out this morning, calling for the arrest of anyone who burns an American flag. The media picked up on the tweet and, naturally, Democrats screamed and shouted.


And it is perfectly understandable to worry about an incoming president espousing views that go against the Supreme Court’s ruling on the issue as a free speech matter. The fact is, what Trump is saying in this tweet is very much against the idea of the freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution.

However, let’s not pretend the Left is any great fan of free speech. We are talking about the same political movement that created a hotline to call if your neighbors started talking bad about the Affordable Care Act. They are the same people who didn’t care that a weaponized IRS went after conservative groups, targeting them specifically. They are the same people who frequently call for jailing those who criticize the theory of climate change.


To them, it was patriotic to criticize a president right up until theirs came into power. Then they were quick to call anyone who disagreed with them racist and, at times, treasonous for opposing Barack Obama. They have worked tirelessly to silence anyone who dares to think differently than they do. They want to drive people from the public should they ever, ever criticize their point of view.

So, forgive me if I don’t take Democrats seriously when they scream and shout about the freedom of speech.


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