BREAKING: Trump Ditches The Press, Press Loses Its Mind

How much the media learned from 2016 about what does and does not make them more lovable by the people of the United States of America? Turns out not much. At all.

Are you freaking kidding me?

Donald Trump left Trump Tower without his press pool on Tuesday to have dinner with his family, according to multiple reports.

The president-elect reportedly received a standing ovation and cheers upon arriving at a New York City restaurant.

Hope Hicks told the Trump pool reporter that the president-elect is at 21 Club on West 52nd Street. She said the block is shut down and police are letting a small group of reporters stand outside the restaurant, but they are not allowed inside.

Hicks said she “wasn’t aware of this movement,” adding she wouldn’t do anything to “leave the press in the dark.”

Who the hell cares that the press wasn’t invited in? Unless every mob boss in the country suddenly walks in and sits down with Trump, it really might just be that Trump wants a moment or two alone with his family. That the press goes apoplectic over this says more about them than it says about Trump. Hell, it humanizes Trump to  certain extent.

We’ve got at least four years of this.

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