BREAKING: Middle Eastern Girl Who Claimed Trump Supporters Attacked Her Admits She Lied

It was a series of events that were as predictable as they were dumb.

A young, Middle Eastern girl wearing a hijab said she was on the corner of what is normally a fairly busy corner of a university campus, when a dark vehicle approached. Two young, white men jumped out. One was wearing a white “Trump” hat. They shouted racial expletives and took her wallet and hijab, then left. There are no witnesses, and there is no evidence.

Less than a day after the story breaks, it is updated: She made the whole thing up.

And it happened in Louisiana. Via The Hayride:

The news broke last night from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette police department that a woman described as Middle Eastern was beaten by a metal object near UL’s campus at mid-day by two white males, and of course one was wearing a Trump hat. Those evil conservatives stole her wallet AND her hijab, and said some pretty mean things that weren’t released. Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King picked it up pretty quickly where the left used it as a “See!? Trump’s America!” moment.

Unfortunately for those guys, it was quickly debunked Thursday afternoon with the Lafayette Police Department issuing a statement to local media that the unidentified woman pretty much made everything up.


What a tremendously stupid waste of time.

Expect to see more of these as people continue to irrationally freak out over Tuesday’s election.


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