Roger Stone: Trump Has Run One of the "Worst Campaigns in Modern Political History"

This is a pretty big statement coming from one of Donald Trump’s biggest boosters and advisers, Roger Stone. What Stone is saying is that when it comes to winning a state like Nevada, Trump has done as close to zilch as possible.

Nevada I think is problematic. Frankly Trump has run one of the worst campaigns in modern political history in the state and the crew there is really left over from the primary, these old Americans for Prosperity folks. Nice people just don’t argue about politics and actual getting elected. So I’m disappointed with the campaign there. On the other hand if we have a tide, even Nevada could sweep for Trump.

This statement came from this morning’s Boston Herald Drive, a morning show on Boston Herald Radio (full disclosure, the link above is Media Matters but it is the only source of the audio I can find right now). Stone does hold out some hope for a sweep, but it’s tacked on to the end of the statement like “Oh yeah, I should try to be positive while saying this.”

Stone isn’t wrong about the Trump campaign, except in that it’s been terrible all over. He has consistently relied on word of mouth and free press coverage while not establishing any sort of noteworthy campaign presence anywhere that it was really needed. It wasn’t just Nevada. It’s been all over.