IT'S RIGGED: Trump Jumps on Ballot Glitches as Proof of Conspiracy Against Him

As expected when these reports first started coming out, Donald Trump is now seizing on the rhetoric that the election is totally rigged against him. The global conspiracy has been exposed.

Reprising the “rigged” rhetoric the Republican nominee has used for months on the campaign stump, Trump hesitated when asked if he’d be accept the election results — win or lose. “We’re going to see how things play out,” he said, citing news reports of voting machines that aren’t accurately tabulating people’s votes.

“There are reports that when people vote for Republicans, the entire ticket switches to Democrat,” Trump said. “You have seen that, it is happening at various places today, it’s been reported. There are machines. You put down Republican and it registers them as a Democrat. And there have been lots of complaints about that today. We have to be careful, we have to see what it is.”

The Trump campaign also filed a lawsuit over polling station practices after it was reported that Clark County officials allowed polls to stay open hours after they were set to close. However… it did not end well for him.

A judge, however, quickly denied Trump’s legal action because the campaign hadn’t tried to work out a solution with the county registrar.

Expect more of this as Trump looks for any and all reasons to claim that the election has been rigged against him – a charge that has little basis in reality based on just how impossible a task it would be to pull off.

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