WHOA: FiveThirtyEight Now Has the GOP with Slight Edge Over Democrats for Senate

The latest FiveThirtyEight forecast for Senate control is (relatively) good news for the GOP, minimizing losses and keeping it the Senate in their hands. The margin, however, is incredibly close, and it is still incredibly possible that the chamber flips. Here’s the map.



Keeping the Senate would be huge for Republicans, as it would keep the Congress in complete Republican control (though just barely). If it were to play out as seen above, then the Republicans can count themselves very lucky.

However, Silver’s site also shows a good possibility for a 50-50 split on seats, which means the party in power (still likely Democrats) get control of the Senate as the Vice President is the final vote in the case of a tie. In keeping the House of Representatives, the Republicans would have the opportunity to stop the Democratic administration’s agenda, but not having both chambers cripples any chance of the Republican agenda getting pushed forward in any immediate way.

However, as we’ve mentioned before, the Republicans are looking very hopeful when it comes to the 2018 midterms, in which several vulnerable Democrats would be up for re-election in the Senate.



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