VIDEO: Misspelling of Clinton's Name on Ballot... Intentional?

One thing I have never gotten is the purposeful misspelling/rewriting of some politician’s name to insult them. Obummer, Killary, etc. never really appealed to my sense of humor. One of the current favorites for Hillary Clinton right now seems to be HilLIARy. Because she’s a liar, you see.


Well, imagine the world’s shock when that spelling appeared on a ballot in Arkansas and was noticed by an unidentified first-time voter.

The State of Arkansas denies that it was done on purpose (the person in the video giving a statement was a Democratic representative). However, the State is also probably not going to correct the ballot before Tuesday because it’s not like it prevents people from recognizing who they’re voting for.

Regardless, I may be coming around on this misspelling of names thing.


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