Um, WOW: Trump Up TWENTY Points Among Catholics in New IBD/TIPP Poll

So, there’s a poll out from Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP that shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a statistical tie. Interestingly, however, that’s not the biggest news from the poll. As the title suggest, it’s the religious breakdown of the poll that should be raising eyebrows.


Christians overall support Donald Trump a whole lot more than Hillary Clinton. Catholics prefer him by twenty points (54-34). Protestants, meanwhile, like him a wee bit more (56-34).


At Hot Air, Ed Morrissey notes there reason to be skeptical:

As a Catholic and as an analyst, this doesn’t add up, even though I’d really hope it would. For this to be accurate even within this poll, one would have to conclude that the Catholic vote has become substantially divorced (heh) from the broad political consensus. Other than Podesta’s e-mails and maaaaayyyyyybeeeeee Hillary’s insistence on repealing the Hyde Amendment, we have not seen much of a triggering event for such a big change.

The emails Ed refers to are from the Wikileaks dump, and a particular set reveal the Clinton campaign’s severe disdain for Catholics.

I’m not sure if this is a trend that we’ll see more of, but it is an interesting data point nonetheless, showing a stark contrast between people of faith and people who don’t have a faith to call on. Clinton leads by nearly 50 points when it comes to atheists, but only leads by 9 points among non-Christians. Trump has the previously-mentioned overwhelming majority among Christians.


According to this poll, at least, the majority of Christians aren’t buying what Hillary Clinton is selling.



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