VIDEO: Bill Weld a Shining Example of Why the Libertarian Party Is a Joke

If there is anyone who can claim the title of “Biggest Loser” this year, it’s the Libertarian Party. While libertarianism in general has several excellent ideas for limiting the size and scope of government and expanding freedom and liberty, the candidates they regularly put forward are political jokes who are little more than advocates for abortion and legalizing drugs.


Look no further than Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld. Amid all of the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton, he seems to think she’s a pretty fine example of a moral, good person, and said as much to Rachel Maddow. On live television, no less.

While he stopped short of telling people to vote for her, Weld acknowledged that his party might only muster 5 percent of the popular vote — and he fears for what would happen if Republican nominee Donald Trump won on Election Day.

“I know her well personally,” Weld, a former Republican governor of Massachusetts, said of Clinton on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show.” “I know her to be a person of high moral character, a reliable person and an honest person, however so much Mr. Trump may rant and rave to the contrary. So, I’m happy to say that, and people can make their own choices.”

How in the holy hell do you look at Hillary Clinton’s body of work and think “You know? She seems like an upstanding, moral character we should elect to the nation’s highest office and the most powerful seat in the world.”


The best part? Johnson’s response to Weld’s glowing praise for Clinton was, essentially, meh.

Great job taking a year in which you could pick up disaffected voters from both sides and grab some states and turning it into your party’s greatest missed opportunity.



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