UTAH: While Trump Falters, Mike Lee Cruises to Re-election

So, Donald Trump seems set to lose the state of Utah (he’s now polling behind independent candidate Evan McMullin), a state Republicans have been able to rely on historically. Given Trump’s drag on other Republicans, one would think we should be concerned for Mike Lee, who is facing re-election this year.


However, Lee seems to have this well in hand.

A new UtahPolicy.com survey finds Snow trails Lee by an incredible 39-points. Lee gets 61% in our survey while Snow is at 22%. Independent candidate Bill Barron nets 5% while Independent American nominee Stoney Fonua is at 2%. 10% say they’re undecided.

Snow jumped into the race after being inspired by the presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders. She has patterned her campaign and many of her policy proposals after those of the Vermont Senator who won the Democratic vote in Utah in March’s election. Snow also has been endorsed by Sanders’ political organization, “Our Revolution.”

Despite all that, it is evident Utahns are not buying what Snow, and by extension Sanders, is selling.

Five Thirty Eight’s projection gives Mike Lee a 99.8% chance of winning in November.

It’s good news for the conservative movement, and bad news for whichever candidate wins the presidency. We know Hillary Clinton will be a big liberal spender and anti-Constitutionalist, and we suspect the same of Donald Trump. What’s more, while it’s easy to disagree with Clinton, Lee has shown an outright disdain for everything Donald Trump has done to the movement Lee was elected to be a part of.


Personally, I am extremely happy to see that Lee is going to get re-elected so easily. It makes our job here at RedState a little bit easier when we have good, principled men still in office. Especially at a time when so many whom we thought were good, principled men turned out to be anything but.

Here’s to hopefully six more years of Mike Lee kicking some ass in the Senate.


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