Top Democrats Seem TERRIFIED Marco Rubio Will Win

If Harry Reid wants somebody to be taken out, you know that person is a thorn in the Democrats’ side. The soon-to-be-retiring senator and Florida donors are pressing Chuck Schumer and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee to fight harder in Florida, but the DSCC has pulled its money out of the state. Via Politico:


The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee — under the direction of Schumer and its chairman, Montana Sen. Jon Tester — has redirected millions of dollars from Florida to North Carolina, Missouri and Indiana. They reason that those states are both much cheaper to advertise in and offer a more promising path to the Senate majority than Florida, where Rubio has long been favored to defeat Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy.

But Reid and other Democrats believe that defeating Rubio would be the ultimate Election Day trophy for Democrats, given his national stature and the reelection threat he could post to a potential President Hillary Clinton in 2020.

See, the Democrats are viewing (perhaps rightfully so) Marco Rubio as a threat in the next election cycle. As such, they want to take him out. This morning, Reuters/Ipsos released an online poll that had Rubio up by two points. The DSCC pulling money out means one of two things:

  1. They definitely can win.
  2. They definitely can’t win.

The second option is the more likely, if the state of panic detailed in the above Politico article is anything to go by. The Democrats seem to have found that they have no decent Senate candidates in Florida if their only real alternative to Alan Grayson (hahahahahahaha) can’t beat a Republican senator who lost his own state in a presidential primary mere months ago.

That’s not a knock on Rubio, by the way. I am incredibly disappointed that he didn’t hold the line on Trump, but he is still a far better politician than many of the others we’ve got. Rubio isn’t perfect, but he’s a damn sight better than what we could have.


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