POLL: Republicans Falling Out of Love with Fox News

Fox News is really struggling this election cycle. There have been months where they’ve dipped below CNN in viewership, and now their trust and respect as a brand has fallen in the eyes of Republicans.

YouGov’s BrandIndex has shown Republicans put Fox News in their top 20 favorite brands for years. In 2014, it was No. 10, but last year it dipped to No. 15 on the list. This year? It’s plummeted down to 50. However, before you think it’s all going to CNN or MSNBC, they fell from the 1300s to the 1400s.

Here’s how the BrandIndex gets its numbers:

To compile BrandIndex, each weekday YouGov interviews thousands of people from its worldwide panel of 2.5 million consumers to gauge public perception of brands. For its 2016 ranking of best-perceived brands in the U.S., YouGov surveyed U.S. residents and then sorted responses by respondents’ self-reported political affiliation: Republican, Democrat or Independent.

BrandIndex scores range from 100 to -100 and are calculated by subtracting negative feedback from positive (a score of zero is essentially neutral: overall equal positive and negative feedback). Consumer feedback regarding a wide variety of brands — including household brands (e.g., Cheerios) and media brands — was solicited.

What is causing the Fox brand to fall? A mixture of things, I’d imagine.

  1. Ailes scandal.
  2. News personalities leaving the network.
  3. People who think they boost Trump too much.
  4. People who think they are totally against Trump.

I mean, 3 and 4 alone are probably a big chunk of their audience anyway. It’s not that they’re losing viewers so much as people just don’t respect them. It also seems to be media-wide, but the substantial fall of Fox News is important. Elections have consequences, and this appears to be one of them. Fox has not covered itself in glory at all this year.


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