NEW Bill Clinton Accuser Speaks Out with Details of Sexual Assault

As all eyes turn to Las Vegas for the final presidential debate, a new voice is speaking out on sexual assault… and it’s not against Donald Trump this time. Meet Leslie Millwee, a former TV reporter in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, from back in the 80s.


Among the accusations:

  1. Clinton, who was governor at the time, repeatedly into the station’s control room to touch her inappropriately.
  2. He would rub his penis against her until orgasm.
  3. He went to her home and banged on her door, demanding to be let it.

His behavior left her understandably freaked out. As a result, she quit her job and did not go back into television ever again. She never once spoke out until now, but says she was tempted to in the 90s when the other Clinton scandals were breaking. A lack of any accountability has prompted her to come forward now.

The timing? Yes, it’s on purpose. But just because a piece of news is released at a certain time on purpose doesn’t make it any less true. In fact, several separate interviews with her former co-workers seem to verify her account of the situation. Will the media give any time to the allegations, however?

Probably not.


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