I've Decided Barack Obama Should Get a Third Term

I've Decided Barack Obama Should Get a Third Term

Look, the options we have before us are not ideal. While my colleague, Ben Howe, has endorsed Evan McMullin, I have been hesitant to make that call myself. Neither Trump nor Hillary are not in any way, shape, or form capable of running the nation, much less qualified to. Gary Johnson has been an incredible disappointment. Jill Stein is a clerical error someone made somewhere along the way.

McMullin, while obviously the most conservative, loses out to the current sitting President of the United States based on this story from USA Today. Barack Obama deserves a third term.

MIAMI — Attention U.S. travelers going abroad: You now can bring home all the Cuban rum and cigars you want.

The Obama administration announced Friday a new round of executive actions designed to increase trade and travel with the communist island. And this is the one many Americans have been waiting for — no more restrictions on the island’s famed rum and cigars.

Given enough time and a Congress willing to work with him, I believe that we can rectify the only error I still see here.

Sorry American couch potatoes: You can’t order Cuban rum and cigars online and have them shipped to your home.

I believe that this cause alone is worth keeping Obama around for four more years, and I hope you will join me in making this happen. I am aware of the Constitutional difficulty here, but Obama has proven time and again that the Constitution is really more of a suggestion than a guiding document on how the government is supposed to be run. I am sure the Supreme Court will look at Clinton and Trump and realize that they have a moral responsibility to keep that from happening.

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