Don't Forget: Michelle Obama Thinks Clinton Infidelity Disqualifying, Too

Don't Forget: Michelle Obama Thinks Clinton Infidelity Disqualifying, Too
First lady Michelle Obama speaks in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, March 15, 2016, during an event with leading parenting bloggers, online influencers, and content creators for a conversation about the health of kids as part of her Let's Move! initiative. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

It’s a big night as news is pouring in about Donald Trump’s incredibly deviant behavior toward women. The Clinton Campaign is making sure to note that this proves Donald Trump should be nowhere near the White House. And, you know what? She and her campaign are absolutely correct. Donald Trump should be defeated and never allowed near a political office.

However, that doesn’t mean Hillary is electable either. And, you know who agrees with me? Michelle Obama.

You know what else? Michelle Obama is correct, too. Hillary Clinton is corrupt and certainly can’t manage her own affairs (or, rather, Bill’s affairs), let alone the affairs of the nation. It takes an awful lot to do this job, and Hillary just does not have the capability to do the job with any sort of efficiency. She’s going to win the election, but she’s going to set the nation (and her own cause) back.

Neither of these candidates should have ever been nominated. But, here we are, staring done the barrel of a really bad election cycle, stuck with two terrible people. God help us.

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