MEANWHILE: Hillary's Campaign May Have Illegally Coordinated With a Super PAC

There’s a reason that the Trump Tape dropped yesterday. There’s a reason that the single most damaging thing yet to the Trump campaign was released on a Friday evening. That reason? Wikileaks dropped a bomb on Hillary’s campaign, so Team Clinton had to scramble and release a payload early. But what was that bomb?


Hacked emails showing that her campaign coordinated with a super PAC. Which, to reiterate, is illegal. But, hey, “Illegal” is like her middle name at this point, right? Either that or “Homebrew Server” or “Benghazi.” Anyway, we’ve got John Podesta of the Clinton campaign emailing someone else, looking to coordinate with David Brock. Brock runs a pro-Hillary super PAC.

This is not something you are actually allowed to do.

This is stupid. John Podesta knows good and well that if he’s working for Hillary’s campaign, he is not allowed to coordinate anything with David Brock, who is not a part of the campaign because he runs organizations that boost her. The only reason this probably won’t get investigated by the FEC is because the email in question is technically from before Hillary Clinton announced her run. The email is from March, and she announced in April.

Here’s the thing. It’s not about whether it was technically illegal or not. It’s the fact that no one has thus far claimed anything is fake. Given that we’ve seen evidence of faked documents from Wikileaks already, you think they’d just jump on that. But, that’s what’s so damaging about the Clinton Machine. It’s not at all that they feel remorse for what they have done or will do. They think they are above it, and it’s a mentality that permeates down into the lower ranks.


It’s infuriating that someone can live so far above the law, and that the law has enabled her to do so. Yes, what Trump said and did was awful, but if you look at anything Wikileaks dropped yesterday, you see that she and the people around her really don’t care at all about the rules. Transcripts of her Wall Street speeches, including one where she advocated having public and private policies when you run for office.

She is advocating having hidden agendas.

This is the type of woman who is going to win the presidency. We have allowed the most corrupt, dishonest person to win the presidency. And it’s not because we here at RedState opposed the nominee. We pushed actual, talented politicians with good ideas. The media and the rest of the country said “Screw that” and nominated a side show act. This is on them. This is on Reince Priebus. This is on Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. This is on Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the Talky Class.

Every single enabler of Donald Trump has gotten us to this point.


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