It Gets Worse: In 1993, Trump Allegedly Forced Himself on a Young Woman in IVANKA'S ROOM

The Trump campaign is having a very, very bad weekend, and it’s only going to get worse. Originally scheduled to drop on Sunday (the day of the next presidential debate), a column by The New York Times’ Nick Kristof has gone live, and it details the reprehensible behavior of Donald Trump toward young women. One such woman, Jill Harth, and her boyfriend, George Houraney, have spoken at length on the details of Trump’s sexual harassment and predatory behavior toward Harth and others.


In particular, is this one incredibly disturbing scene.

On Jan. 24, 1993, Harth and Houraney went to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida for a contract-signing celebration, bringing along some “calendar girls” at Trump’s request. He offered Harth a tour of the estate and then pulled her into the empty bedroom of his daughter Ivanka.

“I was admiring the decoration, and next thing I know he’s pushing me against a wall and has his hands all over me,” Harth told me. “He was trying to kiss me. I was freaking out.” Harth says she was desperately protesting, and finally managed to run out of the room and find the group again. She and Houraney left rather than stay the night, as they had intended.

Harth was not the only one he pursued that weekend.

Some of the calendar girls stayed, and the sexual harassment lawsuit says Trump showed up uninvited in the predawn hours in the bedroom of one of the young women; she kicked him out but was shaken. When contacted, the woman declined to speak about the experience, and I’m not naming her here.

Trump was then with Marla Maples, who was pregnant that spring with his daughter Tiffany, but this didn’t constrain him. He took an intense interest in the calendar girls, pursuing some and rejecting others, Harth says, adding that he had an aversion to black contestants and made derogatory comments about them.

That year, Harth continued to meet Trump for business — and, she says, he continued to try to jump her. “He’d say, ‘Let’s go in my room, I want to lie down,’ and he’d pull me along. I’d say, ‘I don’t want to lie down,’ and it would turn into a wrestling match. … I remember yelling, ‘I didn’t come here for this.’ He’d say, ‘Just calm down.’”


The entire piece is just one dirty, creepy story of Trump’s incredibly sleazy behavior toward women. Under no circumstances will he recover in any way. His campaign is over. The GOP is pretty much screwed here. These are things that are largely on the record – a sexual harassment suit details many of these allegations, which means that the GOP could have looked around, found it, and done something long before now. But they didn’t, and now they are stuck with this mess.

Harth ended up splitting from Houraney. Trump called her, and despite having accused him of attempted rape, she started going out with him. She was, emotionally, shattered at the time, and needed emotional support. The support he gave her?

They dated for several months in 1998, when he was separated from Maples, she says. In the end, he was a disappointing boyfriend, always watching television and rarely offering emotional support, she says.

“It was a hard divorce, and I was in a nonstop crying jag,” she recalls. “You know what he was thinking? He wanted me to get a boob job. He made an appointment for me to get a boob job, a doctor in Miami.”

Harth says that she left him, finally fed up, and that soon afterward he took up with Melania, his current wife.


Trump and his campaign deny everything, as is expected in this situation, but still, these allegations don’t look good at all. And, again, this was all on the public record. The GOP had to have known about it. And they did nothing. Where they trying to lose here? Or are they just this negligent?


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