Deb Fischer Disavows Trump, Hopefully Will Have to Eat a Lot of Crow

Deb Fischer, Nebraska’s senior U.S. Senator, has formally called on Donald Trump to step aside and allow Mike Pence to take his spot at the top of the Republican Party ticket. She joins her colleague, Ben Sasse, in doing so.



And good on Fischer to do so. It is important to take a stand and let the people know you are opposed to the horrifying, anti-woman statements made by a man… you attacked Sasse five months ago for opposing. You guys didn’t forget about that one, did you? Well, if you did don’t worry. The Internet is forever.

That’s exactly how to understand this weekend’s fracas in Nebraska, which saw the Nebraska GOP convention issue what can only be understood as a rebuke to Ben Sasse. This was all orchestrated by Deb Fischer allies, some of whom were staffers for Ben Sasse’s primary opponents in his Senate race. These people don’t have an ideological dog in the fight at all – they are just trying to insure the future of their own political consulting career. And they see in the Trump ascendancy the opportunity to settle political scores along the way and shove rivals out of the way.

Sure, Fischer denies she had anything to do with it, but later, when Trump was making very clearly racist attacks against a judge in his case, she stood by him. So, you’ll forgive me if I don’t believe that anything Fischer has done or will do with regard to this election is anything other than a self-interested ploy to boost herself and keep her job in line.


People like Fischer – of whom there are a great many – backed the wrong horse. Their choices were not made for ideological purposes, but were based solely on career longevity. If they had to do it all over again, you bet your ass they’d do the same damn thing all over again.

I really hope the people of Nebraska take a good long look at her record next time she’s up for re-election and make the right choice to boot her out. Across the nation, there are many people who deserve the same treatment, and I pray they receive it.




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