Get the Popcorn Because Alex Jones is Going After Julian Assange

While 2016 has been an exercise in coping with depression, there have been some bright spots that may occasionally make everything worth it. As Caleb Howe explained this morning, Julian Assange was expected to make some news regarding Hillary Clinton and failed to live up to expectations. Alex Jones of InfoWars was not pleased.

Someone get me all the popcorn ASAP. In this video, courtesy of Nick Ramsey (@nick_ramsey on Twitter), Jones refers to Assange as a rear access pleasure tool.

JONES: This is Hillary’s October Surprise. Julian Assange trolling the world is Hillary’s October Surprise. Julian Assange is Hillary’s butt plug.

I know you’re going to need some bleach to get that image out of your mind, but please note before you do the look on Jones’ face at the end of that video. Look at how pleased he was to say that. How proud he was that he had that thought.

That’s gross, Alex.