What Does Mike Lee Think About Trump Putting Him on his SCOTUS List?

Donald Trump has released an expanded list of candidates he’d nominate to put on the Supreme Court. The list itself is kind of hilarious as an attempt to troll a bunch of people all at once. But the best part is his inclusion of Mike Lee, a man who has shown a great distaste for Trump this election cycle.


Now, we as conservatives would absolutely love to have Mike Lee on the Supreme Court. His knowledge and devotion to constitutional principles make him the ideal candidate. However, that is almost precisely why we know Trump would never actually nominate him. And, Lee knows this, too. So, how did Lee respond? BuzzFeed has gotten the comment directly from his office.


It’s almost poetic in how short and too the point it is, and certainly a lot more admirable than, “Hahaha. Hahahahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh my God, really? That’s hilarious. Hahaha. But, seriously, no. Heh.”

Although that would have been awesome, too.


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