Is Bill Weld Going to Drop Off the Libertarian Ticket and Endorse Hillary Clinton?

The Libertarian Party is on the cusp of having a major impact on electoral politics and making third parties something worthwhile. So, it’s only natural for someone to try to ruin this. In this case, it’s journalist Carl Berstein’s speculation that Bill Weld, the vice presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, wants to drop out and endorse Hillary Clinton.



There’s no actual proof behind this train of thought, but it doesn’t take a secret decoder ring to determine that Bernstein isn’t so much suggesting here as he is sending out a message to Weld and people like him to stop this foolishness and help elect Hillary in order to save America. His insistence that Weld wants to be relevant again, that he wants to be a hero, that he “does not want to be Ralph Nader” (lmao) all seems to be more along the lines of “Come on, Bill. Don’t you want to be relevant again? Don’t you want to be a hero?”

This action, however, would do little more than cripple a Libertarian Party that is already struggling to remain relevant on the big stage. Johnson just missed out on the first debate, but is still holding out hope he could make the second and third ones. This kind of speculation is only meant to diminish those chances, and anyone who pushes it knows that. Just listen to him again.

He’s not sourcing anyone or anything. He’s not directly saying Weld is thinking this right now. He’s just tossing some ideas out there in the hopes that Weld takes the hint and makes the right choice. If Weld did drop out, it benefits both Clinton and Trump, and the two party system as a whole. There are a good many people on both sides of the political aisle who would be interested in that.


Now, I’m not accusing Bernstein of trying to help Clinton out here, but… Come on, Carl. Don’t you want to be a hero? Don’t you want to be relevant again?


UPDATE: Weld has officially come out and told the world that he has no intention of succumbing to Bernstein’s tactics.

I strongly believe that our Libertarian ticket of two former two-term Governors, fiscally responsible and socially inclusive, is the best bet for America in this year’s election.

Gary Johnson and I will campaign with all our strength to make that case to the American people from now until November 8th.

Under no circumstances will our energies be diverted from our goal of winning the election and serving our country.


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