RUMOR: Do Democratic Operatives Want to Replace Clinton?

It what is being described as “unchartered political territory,” there are now rumors floating around that Democratic operatives want to at least consider replacing Hillary Clinton on the Democratic ticket. PJ Media picked up on tweets from reporter David Schuster on the rumors:


Democratic operatives predicted an “emergency DNC meeting” to “CONSIDER replacement,” following Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s collapse at the 9/11 memorial event on Sunday, according to a broadcast journalist on Twitter.

David Shuster, a former anchor for Al Jazeera America and MSNBC, revealed the bombshell news Sunday afternoon, tweeting that operatives in Clinton’s party expect a meeting to discuss whether or not to replace their nominee.

According to Shuster, a Democrat operative described Clinton’s recent stumbles — literally and figuratively — as “uncharted political territory.” The operative listed Clinton’s infamous “basket of deplorables” comment, her hiding pneumonia for 3 days (if indeed she has pneumonia), and the video of her fainting after the 9/11 memorial ceremony. On Sunday, Clinton also called off her trip to California, scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

Couple of things to point out here: There is no sourcing other than the obligatory anonymous quotes, and it has thusly been picked up by the very pro-Trump sites like Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, etc. and pushed heavily as a “IT’S HAPPENING” story in a lot of circles. I’m not terribly sure I buy it, and even if it were a thing, the rules of the Democratic National Committee are pretty clear: Hillary is only the nominee until she says she isn’t (or is no longer capable due to severe conditions like death, for example).


Still… if there is even the slightest outside chance that they can talk her out of this (or, as I suggested last night, keep her from killing herself), then it may be worth the Democrats exploring. There are plenty of good reasons to question her health and plenty of good reasons to not trust literally anything her campaign says ever. There are also reasons to think that maybe this is just a passing thing.

Either way, this is indeed new territory for the modern era. I mean, Teddy Roosevelt was shot during a campaign speech and spoke for three more hours. But, whatever, you know?


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