Donald Trump Gaining Ground (Now He's Only Seven Points Behind)

Monmouth has released a new poll today, and it looks like Donald Trump has actually gained a bit of ground this month – he went from 13 points back to just seven now. Sure, those seven points are still huge, but I mean… something seems to be working, I guess?


The poll out Monday found the Democratic nominee led Trump 46%-39% among likely U.S. voters. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson had the support of 7% of those surveyed, and 2% backed Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

With registered voters, Clinton had 43% support, Trump had 36%, Johnson came in with 8% and Stein had 2%.

A poll released in early August had Clinton 13 points ahead of Trump with likely voters and 12 points ahead with all registered voters.

The new poll was taken Aug. 25-28 and follows a series of reports related to the overlap between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department while Clinton was secretary of State.

It appears as though the scandal-ridden Clinton has a chance to be her own undoing. Every bit of data we have suggests it is her race to lose, because Trump can never have a good day without following it up with eight and a half bad ones. Her own untrustworthiness, coupled with the media actually doing its job and looking closely at her time in the State Department is whittling away at her support.


However, is it going to Trump? Unlikely. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson seem to be the primary beneficiaries here. This is especially good for Johnson, who is the only third party candidate with a shot to make it onto the debate stage. It’s also arguably good for Trump, who will have someone else to attack Hillary. I don’t think Trump himself can go much lower, but Hillary certainly can, and in doing so, it could even out the race a bit.


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