Germans Don't Seem to Want Angela Merkel Around Anymore

FILE - In this July 28, 2016 file photo German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a news conference in Berlin, Germany. A telephone poll of 1,003 people for ARD television, conducted Monday and Tuesday and published Thursday night, Aug. 4, 2016 found 47 percent of respondents satisfied with Merkel's work — down from 59 percent a month earlier. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber, file)

Polling in Germany is showing that Germany’s citizens are becoming increasingly opposed to the idea of Angela Merkel sticking around as their nation’s leader. Unsurprisingly, it could have something to do with the idea that an open-door policy regarding Syrian immigrants. At least, that’s what Reuters is speculating.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s domestic popularity has declined, a poll showed on Sunday, with 50 percent of Germans against her serving a fourth term in office after a federal election next year.

A series of violent attacks on civilians in July, two of which were claimed by Islamic State, have focused attention on Merkel’s open-door migrant policy, which allowed hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere into Germany last year.

I mean, would you blame the Germans? They have faced attacks against their own from people who are disguising themselves as refugees, and their government is just letting more and more of them in. It’s a mind-blowing lack of national security, and it’s all in the name of being nice to people.

Merkel’s polling was low the last time this particular poll was taken, but her popularity has continued to drop over the last year or so. She refuses to say one way or another if she’ll stick around. I am betting a re-election is going to be quite difficult, however.


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