RUMOR: Breitbart's Matt Boyle Joining Trump Campaign (Officially)?

With this morning’s news that the head of Breitbart, Steve Bannon, is now a part of the Trump Campaign, it was really seen by many as a confirmation of something that everyone already knew – that the website had become more or less an arm of the campaign in an official manner, rather than just in spirit. Then, this afternoon, rumors began circulating that Breitbart’s Matt Boyle, who has consistently been one of the most pro-Trump voices at the site, would also be joining the campaign in an official manner.


Right now, Breitbart is pushing back hard on the claim, with their White House correspondent saying Boyle told him personally, and the site’s editor in chief telling Huffington Post that it is false. If true, however, officially joining the campaign is somehow both a confirmation that the name of Breitbart means nothing to many of the people there AND that his name is something that can be cashed in on.

Boyle’s Pro-Trump bent has been the source of ire for many on the Right who came to oppose Trump, as it cast a dark shadow on the legacy of Andrew Breitbart, whose name remains on the website. Breitbart himself, as we’ve pointed out before, certainly knew Trump was a fraud and con artist. However, the website bearing his name continues to publish anything and everything it can to save Trump’s image, and Boyle has been at the forefront.

The good news for Trump is that, as president, he can finally gain energy independence from the Middle East if he simply runs wires from a generator to Breitbart’s grave, where the spinning could generate enough power to fuel the United States AND the electric currents needed to keep the Mexicans from scaling his wall.



UPDATE: Word from sources in the RNC is that the Boyle transition to the Trump campaign has been cancelled, due to unwanted media attention. It is unclear at this time if by “attention” they really mean “trolling.”


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