Ted Cruz Takes on the Establishment with Arizona Endorsement

Despite laying low in the presidential election, Ted Cruz has been active in promoting and supporting conservatives in and running for Congress. At the same time, the GOP Establishment has been seeking out these conservatives and targeting them, with groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other liberal Republican PACs dropping as much money as they can in advertising against them.

One of those conservatives was Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, who lost his re-election bid recently. Another is Arizona conservative and House Freedom Caucus member Paul Gosar. Here’s what Cruz said this morning in his endorsement of Gosar.

Ever since arriving in Congress, Paul has been a fighter for the people of Arizona and he has worked tirelessly to defend the issues important to conservatives like stopping illegal immigration and fighting President Obama’s lawless executive actions. I hope the people of Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District will join me in supporting Paul in his bid for re-election so he can continue to fight for jobs, freedom, and security for all Arizonans and Americans.

Via Conservative Review, here’s a little more background on the Gosar.

But unlike any other member, Gosar actually learned his lesson and got better over time. He realized the system was rigged and that leadership was a joke, and he never turned back after 2012. Since 2012, he has not only been a reliable conservative vote, but a conservative voice for so many initiatives on immigration. He joined in the fight against John Boehner and is always a reliable vote whenever conservatives need to take down a rule on bad legislation. In short, Gosar has become one of the most conservative members and a model for improvement in the House.

Huelskamp rebelled against Boehner. Gosar rebelled against Boehner. Both are seeing retribution, even though Boehner is no longer in power. The “Washington Cartel,” as Cruz calls them, are still working as much as possible to crush conservatives and remove them from office.

That’s why Cruz fights, and why we should, too. Even after he ended his bid for president, Cruz has been working to keep conservatism alive in Congress, and while all eyes are on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, there are still extremely important races down the ballot that we should be focusing on, as well. Don’t get distracted by the sideshow. Cruz isn’t, and if conservatism is to have any sort of future, we need to focus on principles in making our electoral decisions this year.

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