Bernie Sanders Has Continued to Be a Thorn in Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Side

Politico is reporting that top Sanders strategists are exiting the campaign of Tim Canova, the man who is running against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but it’s what’s buried at the end of the story that appears to be much more interesting.

With Clinton appearing in Miami on Tuesday, Sanders sent his backers an email encouraging them to donate to Canova, the little-known professor. Just hours later, Clinton paid a surprise visit to a Wasserman Schultz’s field office, appearing next to her and praising the congresswoman.

The three strategists in question have fled the race given that the race seems to be pretty much in Wasserman Schultz’s hand. However, it’s the email from Sanders that shows just how bitter things are in the Democratic Party. While we’re over here fighting for our identity, many Democrats are doing the same.

The reason it’s not as widely known is because the Democrats have a propaganda arm in many of the mainstream media outlets and are trying to keep it all under wraps. Their disunity isn’t as visible as ours, but is still festering. Their is a Democratic Establishment too, you know.

I just hope Sanders can pull it off and damage some of them. Lord knows they deserve it.

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