The Meltdown Continues: Hannity Loses It on Twitter

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for Sean Hannity, one of the most high-profile boosters of the con artist running as a Republican. He ripped into the “GOP Establishment” who were questioning Trump’s ability to be an actual candidate instead of looking suspiciously like a 21 year old who was finally allowed into a bar and just goes nuts with dad’s credit card. Then, last night, Hannity goes on a Twitter tirade against a Wall Street Journal reporter who called him the dumbest host on Fox.


He didn’t stop there, though.

So, yeah, he’s been getting into angry spats on Twitter lately because, well, Trump’s in a freefall. And he knows it. The polls look terrible, and there is only so much defending you can do for a man who clearly doesn’t want to be president, and yet, Hannity is standing strong with him. He is specifically standing strong with a man who goes against Hannity’s own beliefs on what a nominee should be. Here’s Hannity four years ago:


Why are these people constantly beclowning themselves and ruining their reputations for a man they clearly know doesn’t represent their values?


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