Did Donald Trump Just Break the Law and Reveal Classified Intelligence?

Not that it wasn’t predicted by literally anyone who has even spent a few minutes listening to Donald Trump, but the Internet was abuzz last night at the prospect that Donald Trump potentially revealed the existence of a U.S. base in Saudi Arabia… Which is a very, very, very bad thing. We know this is a very, very, very bad thing because violating the “classified” part of “classified intelligence” is exactly why everyone is angry at the existence of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server AND why everyone (including him!!!) is so upset the FBI didn’t recommend charges.


It all started with a reporter’s tweet…


…Oh. Uh oh.


Just to get this straight, Donald Trump receives intelligence briefings now. This is something that was going to happen as soon as he was the official nominee. It’s standard operating procedure for both candidates to get briefings so that whoever wins the presidency doesn’t go into the job completely unaware of what is going on in the country and the world. However, as this piece at the Wall Street Journal points out, the candidates aren’t allowed to divulge the information they receive.

The post also goes on to say, though, that we don’t exactly know what happens to a candidate who does reveal the classified intelligence they receive. However, if a U.S. base’s location is not public knowledge, then it is really, really bad to reveal the location of the base. Especially when it is in one of the most hostile-to-America regions on the planet. It’s just incredibly irresponsible. It’s dangerous for the staff there. It’s stupid.


But, no one has ever accused Donald Trump of being a genius (except Donald Trump, that is).



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