Several Networks Appear to Have Cut Away From Cecile Richards' Speech

On the very same day that charges were dropped against the man who worked to expose Planned Parenthood’s ghastly business of selling the body parts of dead babies, Cecile Richards stood on the stage at the Democratic National Convention and spoke loudly about how Hillary Clinton was all for Planned Parenthood and everything they did.

Richards’ speech was full of the usual “Planned Parenthood is the best thing to ever happen to women” stuff. She talked about all the services they provide, how the dirty rotten Republicans want to defund them, and how the Supreme Court handed “women’s rights” a key victory recently. The crowds cheered and cheered for the slaughter of babies.

The reason I’m giving this recap, however, is because if you weren’t watching C-SPAN’s coverage of the DNC, then you weren’t allowed to watch it. I’m not kidding. Apparently, several networks, including MSNBC, cut away from Richards. Folks on Twitter were not happy.

Poor, sad little supporters of baby murder. They didn’t get to listen to their idol.

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