Bill Clinton Talks Romance, His Pursuit of Hillary, and Oh Yeah She Should Be President

“I met a girl,” Bill Clinton started out his speech. What followed was a weird story of his romantic pursuit of Hillary Rodham, from law school through their professional lives. It was creepy to some people, but it worked to humanize the frighteningly inhuman cyborg that is the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

Within this somewhat creepy detailing of his love life, he peppered in anecdotes of her work as a warrior of social justice. Say what you want about his politics, but Bill has always been a better speaker than he is a person. The speech did the job it was supposed to. It painted Hillary as human. A mother, a hard worker, and a fighter for social justice, Hillary is a wonderful human being that would be just great as president.

His speech was exactly what Ivanka Trump’s speech was. It was a way to show that human side of the candidate. The problem is we have an overwhelming abundance of evidence that support two facts:

  1. Bill Clinton is not the devoted husband he painted himself to be.
  2. Hillary Clinton is not the passionate lover of America he painted her to be.

For the first point, Clinton has been implicated in multiple sex scandals, and his wife has had to endure that embarrassment each and every time. He said NOTHING about it, did not ask for forgiveness from her or from his party tonight. It was the elephant in the room. There was no mention of the fact that he was a terrible husband to her through all of this.

For the second point, every action Hillary has taken in her life has been to promote herself, and to get more power. She has climbed the government career ladder with the help of her husband’s political success. She has done everything she could to keep her dealings in and out of government out of the public eye, including setting up an unsecure email server so that records of her emails couldn’t be kept.

Both husband and wife are examples of what living in an ivory tower looks like. Not held accountable to the little people below. They seek power, they seek to use the government to give them power. They do not deserve to go back into the White House. And many Democrats realized that they were simply paying lip service to key social causes. That’s why they supported Bernie. And that’s why they still boo at the DNC.

But, you don’t boo Bill Clinton. You let him continue to speak. You honor his contributions to the Democratic cause. You worship him like the deity they treat him as. And that’s exactly how he continues to live free of consequences for his infidelity. That’s how she, when the Democrats worship her, gets away with gross negligence in literally everything she’s ever done in government.