The Democrats Fumble on Trump University Speech

As someone predisposed to disliking Donald Trump, I was eager to see the Cheryl Mills speech at the Democratic National Convention. The Trump University case has all the potential to be continuously bleeding wound on Donald Trump’s political career, and Cheryl Lankford is at the heart of it. The plan, after all, was simple.

She is a black woman whose husband died while serving in the military. The money she got from his death was used to try to make a better life. She bought into Trump University, hoping to make more money afterward. And she was cheated out of that money by a conman. That is a powerful story. And it was all presented before she spoke in a video package that will someday make a great set of commercials for the Hillary campaign.

The video package that introduced her was more emotional and a lot more effective. It mentioned that the money she used for Trump University was money she got when her husband died. It included clips from newscasts covering the case. Mills’ speech didn’t have that kind of impact. It sorta reinforced the video, but didn’t expand on it. That video will make for an amazing set of commercials to attack Trump. I know the Democrats are eager to get those underway. But, Lankford’s speech didn’t give anything new to it.

“I was cheated. He was greedy.” That’s really it. That’s all we got.

I feel bad for Cheryl Lankford. I will forever be on her side against Donald Trump and Trump University. But whoever wrote her speech did not do her story justice. And it was a terrible waste of time to send her out there after a video preempted everything she was going to say.

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