Another Movie to Blame for Violence? Democrats Ask Florida Theaters to Not Show "Hillary's America"

It seems to be a theme with Democrats. If there’s violence, find something that isn’t them to blame. Terror attack in Benghazi? Definitely a video. Protests against them during this convention week? There’s gotta be something… oh, hey. Dinesh D’Souza has a new movie out. It’s called “Hillary’s America.” Let’s blame that!


That appears to be the case in Florida, anyway.

A top Democratic official in Sumter County has asked The Villages to stop playing a movie that he says portrays his party’s presidential nominee in a negative light and will incite violence against party members.

Joseph Flynn, a Democratic state committeeman and a Sumter County resident of the retirement community, said three residents in The Villages have been threatened with harm within the last week because of their expressed Democratic beliefs.

He said he feels the retirement community showing “Hillary’s America” will spark more threats. He said he met with a lieutenant from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office and The Villages management team early last week to convince them to stop the movie, to no avail.

So, Flynn wants to restrict First Amendment rights because it might lead people to threaten other people. Now, I may not be interested in seeing a movie that likely won’t change anyone’s minds at all, but I am fairly certain D’Souza doesn’t call on people to threaten and beat up Democrats. That would be stupid. That would get the movie banned.


But Democrats are always such huge fans of shutting down criticism. I’m glad it seems like no one is listening to this guy’s pleas for censorship.


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