Jeb Bush Slams Donald Trump, Praises Mike Pence

It’s been a busy day for Jeb Bush, who remains one of the major holdouts on supporting Donald Trump this November. He started the day off with a published op-ed slamming Donald Trump and re-iterating that he will not be voting for him in November.

The next four months of this campaign will be entertaining politics for sure, but I’m not overly optimistic that the presidential election will be the catalyst for restoring dynamism in our country.

I haven’t decided how I’ll vote in November — whether I’ll support the Libertarian ticket or write in a candidate — but I do know there are a lot of things Republicans can do in the coming months to lay the groundwork for rebuilding our party and the foundation for a true conservative renewal in our country.

However, hours later, he followed it up with a tweet praising Mike Pence.

We’ve seen other candidates, like Ben Carson and Chris Christie, make fools of themselves defending Trump. We’ve seen people who should know better, like Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio, say they’ll end up voting for Trump to stop Hillary. We’ve seen people who have largely been quiet of late not say anything whatsoever about their intentions.

But what we haven’t seen a whole lot of is a candidate holding out so steadfastly against a Donald Trump nominee and presidency it.

It’s somewhat amusing how the candidate everyone just knew was going to be the Establishment guy and the least conservative of the bunch running has remained one of the staunchest anti-Trump candidates out there. It’s admirable in sort of a redemptive way, assuming you believed that Bush needed a redemption of some sort.

His praise of Pence can’t really be seen as an endorsement of Trump, but rather an admission that Mike Pence is the least harmful thing Trump could do to his campaign (however unwilling he was to do it!). Bush deserves some praise for the way he’s handled his post-candidacy. It’s certainly a damn sight better than the way he handled his candidacy, after all.