Donald Trump STILL Silent on Abortion, Praises A Convicted Rapist Instead

Donald Trump remains a coward on the abortion issue. He has stayed silent for two days on the atrocious ruling by the Supreme Court that protecting children creates an “undue burden” on women who seek abortions – as though snuffing out a child’s life isn’t an undue burden on them – for fear of upsetting the very evangelical voters he’s been winning over since the primaries began. Even publications like Slate and the Huffington Post note that it’s upsetting conservatives, but he says nothing.


Even his Twitter account, which is normally where he comments on anything and everything, he has said nothing on the Supreme Court at all. Instead, what did he do today? He praised a convicted rapist… one who was supposedly to speak at the Republican National Convention. Trump clarified that Tyson was not asked to speak at the convention, but he was sure he’d do a great job.

That was last night. He’s since gone on to attack the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (author’s note: I don’t like the Chamber, either) and tout the Quinnipiac poll that remains more an outlier than a trend.

There is still nothing from the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States on one of the key issues that those evangelicals (the ones he wants to get out and vote for him) actually care about. He can’t even form a half-assed attempt at slamming the Supreme Court over it. Yet, there are many out there who aren’t even asking him the question, either. Those on the Right who have announced their support for him who haven’t said a damn thing? They’re letting him get away with undermining a core value of their party.


What a shame.


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