Why Is Donald Trump Silent On SCOTUS Abortion Ruling?

The man who is supposed to represent the values of the Republican Party as their nominee, Donald Trump should have plenty to say on today’s abortion ruling. It is, after all, a bigger sign that he is supposedly the cure-all to a liberal Supreme Court. But, alas, Donald Trump has no opinion on today’s ruling.

If Justice Antonin Scalia were still alive, it would have made no difference, but with expected judicial retirements sometime in the next presidential term, a chance to replace, say, Justice Ginsberg would be a big plus, and could make the court solidly 5-4 or even 6-3 in some cases, depending on Justice Kennedy’s temperament.

This should surprise no one who has paid any attention to Trump’s past, from the recent past where he’s said he’d fund Planned Parenthood and that they provide excellent services, to the more distant past, where he’s called himself pro-choice. Trump is exactly the type of guy who would support abortion. But, he won’t even admit that, either.

Donald Trump is a coward.

Dubbed a recent convert to Christianity by evangelical leaders, Trump has worked to build in-roads into the Christian community. They should, in turn, expect him to condemn the ruling. After all, it took mere minutes for Hillary Clinton to praise the killing of the innocent as a Constitutional right everyone should have access to, and Trump is as prolific on social media as they come. Surely, he should have something to say. But he doesn’t.

He is scared to death of losing his support in the evangelical community. By opening his mouth and letting what he really thinks come out – because he is a man with no filter and no moral guidance whatsoever – Trump risks the highest profile supporters he has fleeing from him just as Republican leaders have. The man sees his polling, and he knows it sucks. He in many cases isn’t breaking forty percent in the polling, which is absurdly low for a major party candidate.

Trump is unqualified to lead Republicans if he can’t stand up for one of the most fundamental parts of the Republican Party platform.

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