Happy Father's Day to Donald J. Trump

On this day, every year, we stop and give a special thanks to the men who raised us, gave us a home, provided discipline, and so many other truly essential services in the American family. The Republican Party, for years, has supported the traditional family, the sanctity of marriage, and the gift of life that is provided to every child. It seems only fitting, then, that the Republican Party has chosen to nominate Donald Trump as its nominee.

But, what is a father? A father is a man who believes in putting the family first. He devotes himself to keeping the family unit together and provided for.

trump divorce 1

trump divorce 2

He is a man who cherishes his children, and cares for them in ways no other man can.

He is a big supporter of the right to life, caring for children.

trump planned parenthood

trump abortion

A good father leads by example, setting himself up to be a great role model for his sons and daughters.

He is the type of father the Republican Party should be proud to have as their nominee. A party strong on the family must, as a family should, be led by a strong family man. I can think of no person better suited for the role than Donald J. Trump. Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Trump, and good luck in November.



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