The Media is Playing Trump's Greatest Hits: Pam Bondi Edition

The media largely skimmed over a lot of Donald Trump’s bigger negative stories during the primary, and we can pretty much assume that they did so in order to have plenty to say during the general election against their girl, Hillary Clinton. Take this story from March, in which documents came out showing that just prior to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi declining to go after Trump University, she received a pretty hefty donation from Donald Trump. The Trump Foundation blamed the illegal contribution on a “clerical error.” We at RedState then got some mind-boggling communication from a media relations lackey from Bondi’s campaign.


This was three months ago.

With the Trump U case squarely in the media spotlight, thanks to Donald Trump himself, the story gets to pop up again, courtesy of CNN.

The Trump University lawsuits have become a surprising quagmire for Trump, not just because of the lawsuits — which resulted in the release of highly sensitive internal marketing materials which laid out their high-pressure sales plans — but because of Trump’s own blasts against the federal judge overseeing one of the cases, Gonzalo Curiel.

“Claiming a person can’t do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday.

But the Trump University complaints have also proven tricky for Republicans such as Bondi who oversaw offices tasked with investigating and prosecuting consumer fraud.

Sure, we’ve covered all this already, but the media did very little on the subject back then, and is now pushing it around again like it’s something new. We’ll see a lot more of the things we were talking about during the primary magically show up again during the general like it’s brand new.


And that’s the point. Trump is a terrible candidate. I knew months ago he was a terrible candidate. You knew months ago he was a terrible candidate. Most importantly, however, the media knew months ago that he was a terrible candidate. But, their goal was to prop him up and help elevate him to where he is now.

He thinks he can play the media, but they are going to play him so much harder.


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