SHOCKER: Hillary Clinton Used Phone With Known Security Issues At State Department

New e-mail releases from Judicial Watch confirm what we’ve all known to really be true: Hillary Clinton kept using her Blackberry despite how insecure the device really was. Trying to secure the line resulted in what her Chief of Staff at the time called a “high-pitch whining sound.” Meaning, you couldn’t talk to Clinton at all unless you called the unsecure line.


Via Fox News:

A new set of State Department documents released Thursday by the watchdog group Judicial Watch reveal then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the choice not to use a secure phone line amid a technical problem and acknowledged the risk of using a private Blackberry phone.

The documents contain a Feb. 22, 2009, email exchange between Clinton and her then-Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills attempting to communicate over a secure line after Clinton returned from an overseas trip.

When there were issues setting up a secure communication, Clinton wrote to Mills, “I called ops and they gave me your ‘secure’ cells… but only got a high-pitched whining sound.”

Mills then suggested that Clinton try the secure line again, but the former secretary wrote back, “I give up.  Call me on my home #.”

Hillary Clinton has decided – on multiple occasions – that she is above the law. A Clinton presidency will just be more of the same. We’re already looking at a Democratic administration ignoring the constitutional limits to the executive branch in numerous ways, but Clinton is more dangerous than Obama. Obama just wanted to fundamentally transform America. Clinton wants to make it bow to her.


She is willing to do anything to keep and maintain her power and, worse yet, anything that is wrong in any way is okay with her if she’s the one doing it. She believes herself above the rest of us. And yet the Democratic Party is going to choose her to be their face because they have no one more capable.

If it weren’t so scary, it would be funny.


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