BREAKING: New Hampshire GOP CANCELS Vote Blocking Trump Delegates

Earlier today, we reported on the New Hampshire GOP’s attempts to vote Republican National Convention leadership slots via e-mail vote. The controversy stemmed from the fact that the list of candidates for state delegate leadership included no Donald Trump supporters, despite the fact that Trump won the state.


Word has now come out that the NHGOP, caving to pressure from Trump supporters, has decided to cancel that vote.

The committee-assignment vote was being conducted by email and slated to be completed by noon Monday, but Party Chairwoman Jennifer Horn emailed the state’s delegates on Monday to say the vote was canceled. Instead, she invited delegates to an in-person meeting on Friday at the party’s headquarters.

Trump won 35 percent of the vote in the New Hampshire primary in February — more than double his closest competitor — but the slate distributed by the New Hampshire GOP over the weekend left his delegates off the Rules, Permanent Organization, Credentials and Platform Committees. Those slots were filled entirely by delegates assigned to Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Ted Cruz.

The slate installed Horn, who is not officially linked to any candidate but has criticized Trump, as the chair of the delegation.


This does not guarantee that things will get better for Trump, mind you. It simply means that one avenue of locking his people out of the process has closed. If the NHGOP is dead set on preventing him from doing well in Cleveland, they’ll try to find other ways.

Trump’s supporters are starting to realize that they are far more vulnerable than they thought. Plurality, majority, and all that, you know.


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