Hillary Clinton Can't Do Literally Anything Right

Can Hillary Clinton maintain a secure e-mail that carries confidential information? Can she handle a situation in the Middle East in a way that doesn’t result in the brutal deaths of American lives? Can she develop and lead policy on a national or even global scale?

Can she play a game of dominoes without even mucking that up?

The answer to all of these questions is “No.”

damnit hillary

This comes from Facebook user Erix Mercedes, who has done a wonderful job of showing us why Hillary Clinton is the second most awful human being (allegedly) in this race. The first being Donald Trump, who is her best ticket to getting elected president of these United States.

Why on earth would anyone trust this woman to play a game, much less run a country? New York made the mistake of electing her to the Senate. Tonight is the state’s chance to redeem itself by voting for Bernie Sanders.

And for anyone in New York voting for Donald Trump tonight, this is what you are allowing to happen to America. Choose wisely.

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