Voters Dislike Hillary Because Voters Are Sexist

Hillary Clinton has incredibly high unfavorability – in the 50s – but don’t worry, because she and her supporters have her problems all figured out. In keeping with the Obama administration’s culture of victimhood, the Clinton camp has decided that she is so disliked because of sexism. This is according to NY1 host Errol Louis, talking to Chris Cuomo:

New Day host Chris Cuomo asked Louis about a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll that found that even among Democrats, Clinton had a 56% unfavorable rating. “Let me suggest, because some of her strategists have said this kind of quietly, it’s not really a big thing on this campaign trail: a lot of this is sexism,” he responded

“It’s buried so deep that people just say, ‘I don’t trust her, she doesn’t keep her word,’” he said. “And then you turn it around and say, ‘What politician does?’”

Sure. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she is dismissive of anyone and anything that doesn’t directly aid in her accumulation of power, wealth, and influence. Nor does it have to do with the fact that she brazenly lies when it suits her needs. Nor does it have anything to do with the fact that she is wrapped up in scandals of her own making (not to mention her husband’s).

Nope. It has to do with the fact that voters are very subconsciously sexist. Just like Obama’s detractors are all racist, and their arguments have no basis in fact. Hillary is the victim of institutionalized sexism.

Consider her refusal the other night to answer whether or not she will release the transcripts of her speeches on Wall Street. She never said “yes.” She never said “no.” She said “I will when others are asked to do the same.” And she got booed for it. That wasn’t sexism. That was people getting fed up with her crap and taking a second look at Bernie Sanders.

Even if there was some basis in the institutionalized or unconscious sexism claim, then Hillary would surely know that in order to overcome, she has to work as hard as she possibly can to stay on top of any and all situations that could hamper her “overcoming sexism” narrative. Instead, she completely misses the point of contention in the scandals she allows to happen and dismisses the issue while people get more and more frustrated.


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