DemDebate: Who Won, Who Lost, And Why Did I Watch This Thing?

Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, right, and Hillary Clinton speak during the CNN Democratic Presidential Primary Debate at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Thursday, April 14, 2016 in New York. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

The Democrat candidates did indeed have a debate in New York tonight, and it was far more brutal on everyone than the previous ones. Hillary came out swinging. Sanders came out swinging. Even Dana Bash and Wolf Blitzer came out swinging. Here are the winners and losers of tonight’s debate:



1) CNN – The news network made news, forcing Bernie Sanders to say he will release his tax returns and cornering Hillary Clinton on the subject of releasing the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street firms. Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash in particular were equally challenging to both candidates, giving neither of them a break if they didn’t answer a question.

2) Hillary Clinton – She got absolutely clobbered, but did a lot of clobbering herself. If the debate came out as a draw, which I believe it did, then she won.


1) The people watching old folks yell at them – My god, the yelling. It didn’t stop. At all.

2) Bernie Sanders – He didn’t land a killing blow. At best, she was cornered on the speech transcripts issue, but he didn’t seal the deal in any other issue for the evening. That left him without a critical win needed to shore up the last bit of support he really needed to upset Hillary in New York on Tuesday.


It was a draw for the candidates, and it was headlines for CNN. But, a draw for the candidates means the victory goes to Hillary.



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